Why partner with 4Life?

Solid Corporate Future

After more than a decade of success, 4Life shows no sign of slowing down. When most companies are downsizing and laying off, 4Life is breaking sales records and opening new countries and offices all over the world. In 2014, 4Life celebrates its 8th year of operations in the Philippines.

Experienced Executive Team

4Life leaders know the direct selling industry, they’ve put years into developing products that sell. They’re committed to your continued success.

Unbeatable Compensation Plan

The Life Rewards Plan rewards the beginner, part-timer, and professional business builder all handsomely. Plus, the marketing plan didn’t change since 4Life started, unlike other companies that keep on trimming down the compensation plan in order to sustain and prolong their operations.

Patented and proven products with demand

4Life has patents protecting the unique formulations and processes. Thanks to years of research, numerous clinical trials and the sharpest medical minds, 4Life continues to unlock the secrets of a healthy immune system.

4Life Compensation plan at a glance

1. Rapid Rewards – 25% commission on your new distributors first purchase

2. Powerpool – Profit sharing as often as monthly and up to P 56,000

3. Personal Life Point Payout – Get 25% rebate on product purchase in excess of first 100 points

4. Generation Bonus – Infinity commissions on your organization

Be part of 4Life today and enjoy financial freedom through the very generous life rewards plan!